Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just be happy; and you will be beautiful.

Heyyyyy! okay so this is my first blog post ever! I've been thinking about making a blog for a while now but i honestly just never have the time AND because I'm probably the most laziest person in the world.. trust me i hear that shit every day from my boyfriend.. his name is anthony by the way and i love him to death! kay so back to me.. well i guess the only things you need to know for now is that my names Victoria and i live in the most fabulous place in the whole world.. New York City duh where else! 
But also, i think you guys should know my number one obsession.. I'm addicted to false lashes! I used to be obsessed with hair extension's and i honestly still am but my hair just seriously needs a break from them! 

OKAY SO EYELASHES. my favorite eyelashes in the entire world are the red cherry brand! certain MAC and Sephora lashes are amazing too but these are way more affordable for the amount that i buy haha.. but any like super thick super black and sexy ones are amazing like #47 #100 #101 and #118 are my favs but also the thin ones like #606 for everyday lashes! these are what the packages look like!

LOVE THEM. so the ONLY rule of eyelashes in my opinion is to not use anything but DUO eyelash glue. it's the most amazing glue ever not like the shitty glue that usually comes with any eyelashes. This glue is literally perfect! It is so easy to put on and it's so easy to take off, it's also really gentle on the real eyelashes which is so important so they don't rip off your real lashes when you take them off. Anyways, so here are some pics of false lashes, not of me yetttt but we'll get to that later. ENJOY! <3

Kim K - best lashes everrrrr <3


  1. I love false eyelashes. I just don't put them on myself enough which is what I'm going to do next year. We don't have Red Cherry Eyelashes here, but I want them. I might have to order some online. Great post and congrats on your first post!

    Thanks for following me. Now following your blog aswell :)

  2. I LOVE the title of this post :). Lashes are my favorite :). I can see you are obsessed lol. Cool pictures.

  3. great post, I actually do not know how to apply false so I dont wear any

  4. LOVE this post....!! Hello there thanks for stopping by my blog new follower on yours...
    I really enjoyed reading your post on lashes...!!!
    I happen to LOVE RED Cherry lashes.

    Happy Holidays.

  5. I've never heard of this brand before but I think I'm going to try them out.
    Thanks for posting. Now following!

  6. I already have naturally long lashes, but I still like the look of falsies to give my eyes that extra oomph. I absolutely SUCK at applying lashes myself, but when I do, I snip and apply only to the outer half of my eye for that "wide eyed" look or effect. I agree about using the DUO eyelash glue as well. Nice post ;)

  7. I've always wanted to try Red Cherry lashes now I need to! great post!

  8. I am a huge false lash fan. My lashes are really rubbish naturally and so if i go out i have to wear them or i just dont feel right. Lovely post xx

  9. im a false lash junkie as well =D i LOVE Red Cherry! its way cheaper then most of the other brands. i live in NC and i don't see them at stores around here so when i went to home to visit my family in hawaii i stocked up! but i usually buy Model 21 lashes from online because you get like 10 or 12 for $7 & that is a deal for me! great blog by the way!

    i just started a blog as well not to long ago, well i started it in june but just never had the time. if you have the time please stop by, thanks!