Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas inspired mani-pedi

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! So, earlier today I got an amazing manicure and pedicure with Carina! We both got the exact same colors haha. It's the one magical time of the year I can actually wear my FAVORITE OPI red color called, "I'm really not a waitress" I usually get it on my fingers but since I'm wearing a red shirt tomorrow I figured I would get it on my toes this year! On my fingers I have the Essie color called "Jazz." This is seriously my go-to color, I pretty much have this on all year round because It's my favorite nude color! Hope you like them!

Me & Carina <3

Essie - Jazz

OPI - I'm really not a waitress


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  2. Love your blog! You have amazing ideas!
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  3. Love tat Essie colour. My fav brand of nailpolish!! Ive noticed you just started your blog! Very eager to se your future posts so im now following!

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    Happy Holidays!



  4. so nice, love it!Wish you a Happy New Year 2012. ♥

  5. Love that Essie polish Jazz, its so pretty & natural! I'm a new follower, come check out my blog if you'd like!

  6. Love the essie nail polish. They really do the greatest nude polishes! Lovely post.