Friday, January 27, 2012

Spritz Liquid Mousse While Curling Hair

So this post is going to be about this amazing product called SPRITZ. It's a liquid mousse firm hold spray that I absolutely swear by and i've been using it forever. I usually use it on myself whenever I curl my hair, however, it's really hard to take pictures of my own hair and I'm usually in a rush whenever I'm doing it; so i took a bunch of pics using the product on my roommates hair. Surprisingly this product can hold the curls together for an entire day and depending on how much you use, it can hold all day into the night. You can buy this product at any beauty supplies store but i usually buy it from Sally's for less then

This is what the bottle looks like. If your the kind of person who curls your hair with a hot curling iron this is definitely a product you need to get. Also, don't forget to use a protective spray before applying the heat to your hair!

1. Start by parting your hair and using a clip to tie up the top. Then apply heat protective spray and then go ahead and start curling your hair. Make sure you always curl away from your face this way it all flows together when your finished. The second you release the hair from the iron, spray about 3 to four sprays of the infamous spritz to the curl while its still hot. 

2. Continue parting your hair in small sections and following these steps on the entire head.

3. When the entire head is complete, if you love big hair like me, go ahead and tease the top and instead of using hair spray, apply the spritz to your roots so it won't create a hard feeling.
Also, apply extra sprays to the entire head so the curls will stay in place!

And this is her final look! - Amazing! 

- - -

Since we were going out that night I figured I would curl my hair too! So this is the effect that spritz has on hair thats a little thicker like mine!


  1. Beautiful how you two are looking with those fabulous curls!! so nice! (:
    And I like your blog, really interesting. I'm a new follower